Vaporisers / inhalers

Smoking cannabis is just as harmful as smoking tobacco. It can cause lung complaints and possibly lung cancer. You are therefore advised not to smoke medicinal cannabis. To avoid harmful effects, cannabis can be inhaled used a vaporiser, which works by vaporising the active elements.

Hot air

Vaporisers work by passing hot air (185 C) over the cannabis. The resulting vapour can be inhaled through a tube, or collected in a bag and then inhaled. As a rule, approximately 100 mg of medicinal cannabis must be placed in the atomiser each time it is used. The cannabis can, in principle, be used more than once, as there are usually some active elements remaining after the first use. However, if an identical effect is required each time the vaporiser is used, the used cannabis will need to be removed and replaced with a fresh dose.

Contact your pharmacist for more information about vaporizers or inhalers.